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MusicArte is a management and booking agency that promotes and represents talented professional music ensembles, soloists and their music projects both in their home country as well as abroad.

We also offer quality workshops and lectures on music, film and art. Sandra De Clercq

In addition, we provide a platform for actors and theatre workshops.

MusicArte caters for audiences of all ages and aims to make art and music easy accessible in a high quality manner.
MusicArte emphasizes art education.

As a mediator between the organizer and artist, MusicArte delivers professional service, personal contact and a clear communication.

MusicArte will suggest a programme always taking into account your specific needs.

MusicArte is the perfect intermediary for all your musical and cultural events.

The driving force behind MusicArte is Sandra De Clercq.
Sandra has many years of professional experience as a lawyer and holds a degree in Art and Archaeology.

She is passionate about classical music and art in all its various forms.
From her experience and knowledge she knows perfectly how to respond to the questions and needs of the event organizers as well as the musicians, workshop leaders and lecturers.